What my pets make me thankful for!

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Keeping me warm at night!

1/ they keep me warm at night. 2/ I wake up seeing a friendly face nose to nose with me! 3/ they keep me healthy: rain, snow, or shine we walk together 4/ they follow me all over the house. I am never alone 5/ They even managed to squeeze into my bathroom while I… Read more »

Over the river and through the woods… in a pet carrier!

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The holiday season draws near again, and while it can be a delightful time of celebration and merry-making, it can also be one of the most stressful times of year for many families and their pets. The holidays often include travel plans, and many furry family members will have to be boarded at kennels or… Read more »

When Bambi gets old and senile!

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Seriously guys? I like it quiet in the morning! Don’t you think I have enough chaos with the mutts and cats and fish? What I enjoy the most when I begin my day is to look at all of you, beautiful, trusting, peaceful? Peaceful? Does it ring a bell? What I don’t want to see… Read more »