Every week, we have incredible deals mostly on local pet services (maybe some pet products now and then, but this is not our goal.) The list of pet services just doesn’t stop at the basic: grooming, boarding, spaying. It can go to yoga with your cat to renting a pet friendly car, or dinner with your dog, or a horseback ride, or feed for your horse….. I mean, the list goes a long way with our imagination!

What’s in it for your business?

Free advertisement! Yes. Your deal will be seen by a targeted audience: pet owners in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. The deals won’t be lost in the middle of other deals on massages or yoga. It’s all about pets, and all subscribers are potential clients. They are internet savvy, suggest deals to their friends, and want the best for their pets.

If you have a business linked to pets one way or another, and would like to get better known to potential new clients, Zeus Corner is the place.

How do I configure my deal?

We suggest that you offer a deal at a value that nobody would want to miss. You call us, and we will work with you to create the deal while keeping in mind your goals and needs.

Am I going to lose money with a deal?

No out of pocket cost. We will work with you on how to structure the deal for the time frame you pick. It could be a week but if it will be tailored to your needs. When the deal ends, you will receive a check for the amount of deals sold. Easy and simple.

Why Is ZeusCorner different from other daily deals sites?

Our local deals are tailored to the DC pet owners. Zeus Corner is all about being local and personal. We will work with you all the way.

Zeus Corner is working with people, not huge companies! Communication is a must, and we want you and your clients to be happy, and want to renew the experience. We do not want it to be a “one time thing”.

Zeus Corner is selective from the beginning since we have a specific niche: pets.

I heard that most of the time people buy a deal because it’s a deal, and never return.

True and false. It’s true in in the deals world. It’s true for me when I shop online for me! I can get a deal on a massage, and buy the deal because the price is great. Would I return? Most likely, not…. It’s a one-time deal.

But, let’s say I buy a deal for acupuncture for my older dog that has joints problems. If the session works, and we – my dog and I – like the acupuncturist, we will return at full price. Nothing is too expensive to make him feel better!

This is the main difference between these generic deals and Zeus Corner’s ones: the pet owners want their pet to have the best experience and if they like a place, they will return, because it’s all about their furry friends.