It used to be 1 dog out of 4 that will get some type of cancer. Now, the statistics on cancer in dogs are much grimmer. The current rate of cancer is higher in dogs than it is in humans. These days,  50 % of our dogs in their senior years will be affected by cancer.


pawiconpawiconpawiconCANCER IS ZEUS CORNER’S FIGHT!  pawiconpawiconpawicon


Out of all my dogs – eight to be precise – SEVEN of them died of cancer. My beloved Zeus was one of them.

The Research for Canine Cancer works only by private funding.

Every year, Zeus Corner will donate 10% of its profit to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, a non profit organization that funds Canine Cancer Research.

As they say: “If we all work together, We Are The Cure.” I believe Zeus Corner can make a difference.

On top of this donation, Zeus Corner will offer more ways to help the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Here is what will be happening in the next few months:


MARCH 2014

Become a Premium member in February: $ 10.00 out of the $19.95 yearly membership will go to the National Canine Cancer Foundation.