Kuranda Bed


kuranda bed


I decided to buy one Kuranda bed and see what my 6 labs would think of it before buying more! These beds are comfortable, orthopedic, not chewable (yeah!) and can be easily clean.

I received the box with instructions, and assembled the frame pretty easily. I had a hard time with the fabric mat. It could not stretch enough to fit the frame. It reminded me of the trampoline I used to assemble every summer  for my children. After multiple attempts, I called the Kuranda company, and immediately they told me they were sending me a new mat, the original one might have been cut a bit too short. Great service there.

The next day, I received it and finished assembling the bed. I had also bought a fleece pad, easy to remove and clean.

Then I introduced the bed to my crew. The first week was quite a show: starting by trying to attack it, then leaving it for dead upside down, and ignoring it. They were phases in the socialization with the Kuranda bed. After a month, they realized that it was quite comfy, and now everyone wants it. The pad is easy to clean. I am totally sold, and am planning to order five others now that they decided they liked it.

The bed is a bit more expensive than regular beds but they last forever. Great buy!