zeus_story[1]Our story started on October 8th, 2000. My dog, Jet, an amazing black Labrador retriever, had just gone over the Rainbow, and I went to the Pound to save a life. It’s always heart breaking to go there. Besides the noise, there is so much hope and so much resignation in every animal. You see them coming close to the door looking at you with hope, and then retreating in the back of their crate when they realize you are not the one. I was walking slowly, and then I saw him, or he saw me. I don’t know which one noticed the other one first, but our eyes locked. He looked so poised – the only time in his life where he was indeed poised -. Three days later, he was home.

He was 3 years old, had already gone through three families, had the tip of his tail burned by kids, and came to me with the name of Smudge. Smudge became Zeus right away.

As I said, I always had dogs in my life, but Zeus became my Dog, and I became his Person. Don’t get me wrong, he loved my daughters, but I was his life. Hey, I might not have met my human soul mate, but I did meet my canine one. My beautiful amazing Zeus.

And now you are expecting me to tell you how perfect he was. Wrong! Zeus was the worst thief that I have ever met in my life! For him, everything was food, from my cellular phone to my wireless computer mouse. My house was never Zeus proofed and yes despite of being careful, Zeus ended up at the emergency a few times.

Zeus had an uncanny sense of humor: He was wagging his tail at night against the hard wood floor, and no matter how much my daughter Jessica was screaming at him to shut up, it just seemed to make his tail goes faster, with that grin on his big black face.

Along the years, he became less of a thief, had knee surgeries, and started to slow down a bit. Pains and aches which came with age did not spare him. We tried acupuncture for arthritis, swimming for his joints, Reiki to just make him feel better and a lot of love. His hair got gray, and suddenly he looked so wise and thoughtful.

In my life, there are two periods: before Zeus, and after Zeus.

Zeus left me on August 27, 2009, after losing his fight to cancer. He was the shadow of my shadow for almost ten years, and even today, my shadow is still lost without his.

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