Zeus during an acupuncture session.

Zeus during an acupuncture session.

As pet parents, we want the best for our four-legged kids. Like us, their health benefit from healthy foods as well as finding the right medical care for them. Just be aware of what exists for your furry kid.


What are the differences between a holistic vet and a “regular” one?

 Veterinarians can call themselves “holistic” and market themselves as such. There is no official certification.  Their training in holistic medicine would be by taking classes or seminars to educate themselves.

My vet, for instance, is not a holistic one, but he is open minded, and won’t hesitate to suggest for instance acupuncture or other holistic treatments.


What are the benefits of the Holistic approach?

The techniques used in holistic medicine are centered on love, empathy and respect. The treatments are minimally invasive and incorporate your pet wellbeing, lifestyle and stress reduction.

This is not the answer to everything. No hocus pocus here. If your pet needs surgery, or has cancer for instance, there is no way around. But a cancer patient might benefit from Reiki sessions for instance.


The Holistic way

 Here are some of the treatments available:


          Herbal Remedies