I know that there is a huge denial in the scientific world that acupuncture doesn’t work on animals.  They wrote studies and more studies about it.

I really don’t care what the scientists are saying because I witnessed the benefits of acupuncture on Zeus. Not only it relaxed him, but it did help with his arthritic joints.  He was so relaxed after a session that he just wanted to nap.

Acupuncture on animals has been in use in the U.S. since the 1970’s, and the demand for animal acupuncture steadily increases every year.

Acupuncture seems to work on several specific issues:

          Arthritis and hip dysplasia,

          Licking granuloma,

          Feline asthma.

I know it also works on horses! I witnessed it as well on our horse who had a cribbing problem. You don’t want to have a cribbing horse!